This page contains a set of data files relevant to the names in this study. Although best endeavours have been made to collect this data completely and correctly, no warranties are given as to its completeness or correctness. You are welcome to use it but you are advised to check against original sources prior to making any reliance on the information here.

  Births Marriages Deaths
Alderton Alderton Births 1837 to 1901 Alderton Marriages 1837 to 1920 Alderton Deaths 1837 to 1930
Allington Allington Births 1837 to 1901

Allington marriages 1837 - 1920

Allington Deaths 1837-1930


Hollington births 1837 to 1901

Hollington marriages 1837 to 1920

Hollington Deaths 1837-1930

Ollington births 1837 to 1901

Ollington marriages 1837 to 1920

Ollington deaths 1837 to 1930

Other Variants      


Ollington and Hollington birth entries in parish register of Saint Mary Bromley Saint Leonard 1810-1939